Definition of Bookkeeper

Definition of Bookkeeper In Canada

According to HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada), the definition of a bookkeeper is as follows:

Bookkeepers maintain complete sets of books, keep records of accounts, verify the procedures used for recording financial transactions, and provide professional bookkeeping services. The term bookkeeper refers to a person who can complete a full set of books up to and including a trial balance.

Some of the Duties Performed by a Bookkeeper:

  • Setting up and maintaining financial records using either a manual or computerized bookkeeping system
  • Post journal entries and reconcile accounts, prepare trial balance of books, and maintain general ledgers
  • Calculate and prepare cheques for payrolls, supplier invoices, government remittances as well as other expenditures
  • Complete and submit tax remittance forms, workers’ compensation forms, pension contribution forms and other government documents
  • Prepare other statistical, financial and accounting reports

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