RPB Certification

RPB Registered Professional Bookkeeper

The following is the current criteria for being eligible to write the Registered Professional Bookkeeper exam:

  1. You must be a member in good standing (meaning your membership is paid and current) with the CBA before and during the time you write the exam.
  2. Your membership is at the Intermediate or Senior level.
  3. No study guide will be given…one hint – Accounting 101.  The purpose of this exam is to test you on what you should already know as an Intermediate or Senior Bookkeeper.

The CBA member writing the exam must make arrangements for a proctor, we do not have the resources to do this for you.  Your local Librarian is one suggestion, another is a college or university professor.  Another is a CBA member in good standing who holds the RPB designation (they must hold a valid RPB designation).

Once you have secured a proctor and made arrangements for a date, you will need to contact Guy Desmarais at president@canadianbookkeepersassociation.com, or Jacquie Johnston at jacquie@fromredtoblack.ca. Guy currently is the RPB chairperson, Jacquie is the backup, and will give you instructions on how to apply, how the payment will be made and together you will make the arrangements for the proctor to receive the exam materials and instructions.

Please note:  This RPB (trademarked) accreditation is only valid as long as you are a member of the Canadian Bookkeepers Association.  It, along with any other bookkeeping certification, is not recognized as a “professional designation” anywhere in Canada or the United States outside of the organization that gave you the certification.

Exam Fees

The cost to write the exam is $150.00 plus the proctor fee of $50.00.

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