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We currently have a very strong and active provincial chapter “ALBERTA ROCKS!” as we are known throughout the association and continue to grow and work on strengthening networking within the province and on contributing to our association as a whole. Alberta (the dynamic province!) members take pride in being part of this dynamic association devoted to the professionalism of our discipline. We take pride in being leaders and try always to be just a little bit ahead of our sister provinces (all in good fun!).

In Alberta we are excited about the growth and development of our national organization. We know that strong provincial growth and contributions benefit the organization as a whole and each of us as individual members.

We encourage you to join us in the Canadian Bookkeepers’ Association. We are certain that you will find benefits beyond what you expect from your membership and we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you as an ALBERTA ROCKS! member!


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Provincial Representative

Guy Desmarais
Calgary, AB

Phone: 403-301-3985


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